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Reach your fundraising goals in a new exciting way. Maximize your fundraising, sell to your school, church or other group. Sell the Olive Tree and its Oil.
Almost everything about the Olive Tree is simply amazing! Olive trees and their fruit are described by religions of the world as Special or even Sacred. They are known for longevity, beauty and strength. The oil was used to anoint kings, as fuel in lamps to light the night, for cooking and even as money. I do not know of any other plant that offers so many benefits and the Olive Tree can provide them for generations. When someone grows these remarkable plants, it is almost like stepping back in time to a beautiful, more natural Simple life.

olive tree

Arbequina Olive Tree
25.00 Donation
Arbequina' is an oil-producing cultivar with high oil content, very
productive, producing every year and with a high rooting ability for its
leafy cuttings. very adaptable!
The trees are approx 3' tall shipped in 4" square pots
Packed 40 trees to a box.
Shipped to any location in the USA except Hawaii and Alaska
Minimums apply

texas gold

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
30.00 donation
Genuine American made Olive Oil is a very sought after high quality
product. We cold press our award winning 100% Texas grown olives within hours of picking for a fresher robust taste.
Large bottle 500ml
Packed 12 to a box
Shipped to any location in the USA except Hawaii and Alaska
Minimums apply

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